Installing Wood and Cork Flooring

WAKOL MS 260 Wood Flooring Adhesive, firm-flexible

Scope of application

Firm-flexible, premium single component MS Polymer adhesive for the interior installation of 3/4” or less solid strip, planks up to 8“ wide, Bamboo, strand-woven or engineered up to 8” wide; end grain block; finger parquet; engineered wood flooring with no limitations as well as cork flooring with MDF or engineered core and Wakol Sound Underlayments. Can also be used as all-in-one adhesive with WAKOL B5 All in on blade for sound and moisture mitigation.
Special Features:
·Install 3/4” solids of up to 8” wide High e-modulus and shear strength
·Very low emissions
·Long working time
·Zero VOC
·Long working time
·Can be used directly over Wakol Moisture Barrier

material number

container size

WA-FL-088 3.0 Gal

Mixing ratio (by weight):

0 g/l US regulatory

Open time:

Light foot traffic after 6 to 8 hours Full traffic after 24 to 48 hours depending on room climate on job site

Climate conditions at work site:

60 °F / 15 °C to 75 °F / 24 °C, 40 % to 65 % rH

Storage information:

1 year in unopened container at 70 °F / 23 °C



Cleaning agent:

WAKOL RT 5960 Cleaning Towels before adhesive is cured. Cured adhesive can be easily removed manually

Open time:

Wet set adhesive. No waiting required

Working time:

40 minutes

Trowels and coverage:

Wood Flooring: up to 70 sqft per gal Sound Underlayment: up to 100 sqft per gal Cork Flooring: up to 120 sqft per gal

Sound and Moisture ratings:

12 lbs. / 1000 sq. ft. / 24 hour (ASTM F 1869) up to 90 % RH (ASTM F 2170-02). IIC: up to 73; STC up to 67